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About Us

Food & Shelter connects creators to those seeking quality home goods.

Home should be a reflection of its residents. It should provide a sanctuary that allows one to be closest to their true self. Everything that creates a home is personal. Everyday details are no exception. At Food & Shelter, we aim to bring personal handmade goods that enhance your daily living with unique details.

Guiding principles at Food & Shelter;

Support Makers

Canada is abundant with creative and skilled makers. In a world of fast fashion, industrial production, and next day delivery, these makers are too often overlooked. Creating in small batches with their own hands, these makers create personal and irreplaceable work. Food & Shelter connects you to the joy and satisfaction that makers take in carefully crafting their goods.

Use Natural Materials

In order to tread lightly, Food & Shelter gives great consideration to the materials we use. We select natural materials that are durable, and which have an organic life cycle; at the end of their life, they return to the earth. We believe that avoiding chemically treated fabrics and synthetic materials is healthier for both the home and the planet. 

Support Small

When imports and materials are so unpredictable, it is the ideal time to lift up our small scale businesses. At Food & Shelter, we not only try to support makers, but also small businesses. By supporting small, we are truly voting with our dollars and making an impact on a local and global scale.

Food & Shelter was born from a hobby as a beekeeper, and the desire for a tangible connection to handmade goods. Thank you for sharing in Heather's love for creating, nesting, and warmth.