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Pour Over Coffee Maker


Handmade in Toronto, ON

Made with Ash, Cherry, or Walnut. 

Locally sourced FSC certified wood milled in Ontario, Canada.

4.5'' x 4.5’’ x 1.5''

Carved out of a single block of wood, this coffee maker is an elegantly minimal pour-over method. This system makes a full-body, rich and smooth cup of coffee with no need for any replacement parts or paper filters. Producing no waste, this coffee maker is one of the most environmentally conscious coffee brewers available. 

Easy to Clean; Just rinse it under the tap.

How to Use: Place the coffee maker on your cup, add two spoons of coffee and pour hot water into the wooden bowl, stir a few times and 2-4 minutes later your coffee is ready.

Designed for personal use and crafted for picky coffee drinkers, the wooden piece will remember each cup of coffee you make. Overtime the coffee oils of your specific beans and roast will season the wood and be a part of your morning coffee experience. Sealed with natural nut oils. Similar to cast iron, requires seasoning during the first few uses.

Different types of wood are matched with different beans and roasts. Canadian White Ash and Cherry are designed for beans with slight citrus hints, floral aroma and nutty taste. The Walnut edition is crafted and designed for use with darker roasts and earthier flavors such as beans from South East Asia.