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Dryer Balls


Handmade in Quebec.

Made with Sustainably sourced US wool.

Wool balls; 2 1/2”

Wool balls reduce drying time while softening clothes and reducing static and wrinkles naturally. Replace dryer sheets and fabric softeners, making safer cleaning for sensitive skin and babies. Wool balls last more than 1000 loads.

Toss all 4 wool balls in your dryer. Simply store them in your dryer between loads.

Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to each wool ball, rub them together. The scent will fade over 2-3 loads (depending on the temperature).

We only work with Wool Cooperatives where the fleece is milled locally, reducing the carbon footprint. The finest wool comes from regions with a cool climate and high altitude where the sheep roam freely throughout the year. This white wool currently is sourced on ranches in Montana and South Dakota.

Wool is biodegradable so can be planted in your garden as mulch to hold moisture. As they decompose they add nutrients to the soil. Or just hang them outside and birds will collect the wool to build their nests.