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Linen Pot Holder

$30.00 $14.00

Handmade in Montreal, QC.

Made with linen and thermal lining.

8" x 8"

This simple and elegant trivet will keep your hands and table burn-free as well as being a beautiful addition to your kitchen. On the back, it has an opening so you can easily slip your hand in for a better grasp.

Inspired by patchwork designs, the linen outer shell is topstitched with the insulating lining and the finishing seams are hand-sewn for a seamless look.

Care: Machine wash up to 40°C, tumble dry at low temperature or flat dry.

Attention: The insulating thermal lining in the mitts is heat-resistant up to 375F and not heat-proof. Do not microwave, as the lining has metalized fibers.