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Lamb Skin


Canadian lamb skin from Wallenstein, ON


Approx. 35 x 23”

Natural lamb skins are the perfect décor centerpiece and function piece. With wools thermoregulation properties, lamb skins provide durable warmth and comfort. A great addition to your favourite chair, car seat or motorcycle. In bed or for a baby’s crib for comfort and extra support or as a great rug in any room.

Each skin is uniquely shaped. Some may have wool a little longer or shorter than shown in the photos. Colours vary in off-white creamy shades. Sizes are approximate based on length and middle measurement.

Clean and freshen your sheepskin on a regular basis skin by airing it out in the sunshine. Our skins are washable. A quick spot wash on any soiled parts is easiest, however if a deep wash is required, use a wool wash (Eucalan) and gently hand-wash.

Stretch out flat to dry.

Use a brush to gently fluff up the fibers once dry.